Zurab Chedia

Born: Georgia, Sokhumi 22/07/57.
Education: Tbilisi state art academy. 1974-1979წ.
Speciality: Painter-Teacher.

Being in the art studio of Zurab Chedia you will obviously feel his creative tirelessness. Despite numerous works and genre diversity, there is always specific smell of paint from newpainted or unfinished canvas.

Art for Z. Chedia has become something that should be by its essence and nature. Maybe that's why he had the happiness being born in beautiful nature of Gulripsh, in the family of a wonderful artist, Panteleimon Chedia, where always were many people. Distinguished representatives of the creative elite used to gather there. Poets read new-written poems, spoke about novelties and problems of fine arts, music and so on. In a word, Zurab was growing in the perfect natural and creative world.

Possessed with magical qualities of art and missed the native place, he remains independent from formal search and naturally brings from the palette on the canvas the motives of Abkhazia brought from childhood.

The artist familiar with contemporary art do not perceive the world as the object of copying. He is excited and charmed, or even becomes the perceived world with mixed sadness and joy. Famous series "The Sea and the Mirage” is being created with such mood.

The creation of Zurab Chedia is as nostalgic (Series "Nostalgia") as optimistic, as the belief in returning in native lands does not leave the artist and that’s why he creates light future pictures.


Nugzar Mgaloblishvili